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eXpand is the first open source project based on the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF). The eXpressApp Framework ships with DXperience Universal and can be evaluated free of charge (30 day trial) at:

eXpand framework was started and is led by Tolis Bekiaris. Tolis has made a huge contribution to XAF over the years receiving great recognition from DevExpress and the whole XAF community. In April 2011 Tolis was honoured to be hired as Technical Evangelist for DevExpress frameworks!

The eXpand  Framework is an extension of XAF and operates within the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). Although XAF is not an open source product it can be purchased directly from DevExpress.

The eXpandFramework team have extended the capabilities of the eXpressApp Framework to include 61 cutting-edge assemblies containing tools and modules that target numerous business scenarios

The main idea behind eXpand is to offer as many features as possible to developers/business users  through a declarative approach (configuring files rather than writing code). Please go through each of the following brief descriptions and find out how eXpand can help you accomplish your complex development tasks with easy declarative programming. Below you can see some descriptions and screenshots of our basic modules (screenshots taken from eXpand FeatureCenter application that comes along with the download). In the folder Demos you can find a list of demos like XVideoRentalSecurityDemo and installation helper solutions for each module. 

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